The Darlie Routier Case


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01/18/15    Updated Home Page and Related Links Page with: New book to be released taking a close look at the evidence. Posted article. regarding More DNA found and additional testing approved by the Court.
08/19/14    Updated Home Page, Legal Page and Media Page with the Courts order for DNA Testing (pdf) and a link to a related Media Article published 8/4/2014.
11/01/13    Updated Home Page and Legal Page with "Routier's Second Motion for DNA Testing (pdf)".
09/28/12    Added link on Home Page to petition to the Dallas Conviction Integrity Unit, cc Gregg Abbott
Added link on Home Page for Death Penalty March in Austin on Nov 3, 2012
Added link on Home Page to another website for Darlie Routier.
Added the original version of the 911 tape to the 911 Call Page
04/26/12    Reset the counter on the Home Page
04/13/12    Updated Home and Legal pages with new order for DNA testing of the source of extracts (pdf)
12/29/10    Updated Home pages with Dallas morning news report regarding the indictment of Routiers Prosecutor. (link)
11/08/10    Updated Home with letter from lawyer Lauren Schmidt (pdf)
11/08/10    Updated Home and Comments pages with letter form author Carol Factor (pdf)
11/08/10    Added link to Home page on top of all pages.
02/03/10    Updated Home and Evidence pages with Affidavit of DNA Expert Dr. Elizabeth Johnson (pdf)
01/01/10    Updated the Home page with a link to a YouTube video supporting Darlie. (YouTube)
11/05/08    Updated the Home and Legal/Habeas pages to provide a link to the "Order Granting in Part Motion for Discovery." (pdf)
08/20/08    Updated the Home and Legal/Habeas pages to provide a link to the "Petinioner's First Motion for Discovery". (pdf)
07/24/08    Updated the Home and Legal/Habeas pages to provide a link to the US District Courts July 21'st order lifting its stay and abeyance. (pdf)
06/28/08    Updated the Home page to provide a link to the "Defense's Status Report in response to the courts order of May 21, 2008". Also fixed the broken link to the same document on the Legal page
06/23/08    Media Articles page: added "Court allows DNA testing for Routier, Former Altoona woman on death row in Texas for killing her two sons in 1996", By Phil Ray - Altoona Mirror - June 20, 2008
06/23/08    Media Articles page: added "Court Grants Darlie Routier Right to Limited DNA Testing of Evidence in '96 Child Killings", By Steve McGonigle, Debra Dennis and Tiara Ellis / Dallas Morning News June 19, 2008
06/23/08    Media Articles page: added "Darlie Routier Talks of New Hope from Death Row", By David Schechter / WFAA-TV - June 18, 2008
06/23/08    Media Articles page: added "Court Grants Routier Limited DNA Testing", By Jim Vertuno, Associated Press Writer 6/18/2008.
06/23/08    On the Legal Page under Habeas, added the Defense's Status Report in response to the courts order of May 21, 2008
06/18/08    Added the Court of Criminal Appeals rulling allowing limited DNA testing on the Legal page with a link on the home page.
05/27/08    Added US District Court order for State status to Home and Legal pages.
01/06/08    Posted Darlie's letter to her supporters on "Darlie's Words page.
06/18/07    Added Death Row Plan to the Related Links page and Home page.
06/13/07    Added new Appeal Brief dated 5/21/07 to Legal page and Home page.
04/07/07    Added followup for Court TV special which aired on 4/6/2007. Changed layout of home page.
02/17/07    Added Dallas Morning News Article dated 02/16/2007, entitled "Innocence Project to review Dallas County convictions" to "Media Articles" page.
01/31/07    Added Jpay link to home page.
08/06/06    Updated Darlies mailing address on the "Contacts" Page.
08/02/06    Added news release to home page regarding Court order Granting Stay.
On Legal Page, added link to "Court Order ... granting Stay ..." under the Habeas Corpus section.
04/30/06    Added announcement on the Home Page about DNA motions.
Added link to "Motion to reconsider..." on the "Legal" Page under the Writ of Habeas Corpus section
1/26/06    Added announcement on the Home Page about a hearing that took place behind locked chambers.
11/29/05    Added announcement on the Home Page about Federal Write of Habeas Corpus.
Added link to Federal Writ of Habeas Corpus on the "Legal" Page under the Writ of Habeas Corpus section
02/14/05    Removed Note on Home Page about Francis Newton.
Added Note on the Home Page about the new DNA motions and affidavits
02/03/05    Added 2 new items under "Other Motions" on the "Legal Page".
Added 2 new items under "Other Affidavits and Evidence" on the "Evidence Page".
01/14/05    Added thank you for those who took action on behalf of Francis Newton.
Added 4 new items under "Other Motions" on the "Legal Page". Also added the dates of most of the motions. The new items are dated 15 DEC 04, 19 OCT 04 (motion and exhibit), and 04 NOV 03
Added note that "Media Tried, Justice Denied" is sold out.
11/30/04    Added Urgent Action Appeal for Francis Newton to the Media Articles Page.
Added Several other articles to the Media Articles Page.
8/29/04    Fixed the ".wav" version of the 911 recording in the "911 Call" page.
8/23/04    Added statements from 8/17/04 press conference on the Media Articles page.
8/22/04    Removed the announcement for the press conference which already took place.
Changed the home page by moving Ann Goods intro to the "Media Articles" page and replacing it with a note from Darlie Kee.
Added the articles dated 8/10 and 8/17 to the "Media Articles" page.
On the "Legal" page, Added States Response Objecting to Releasing Evidence.
8/8/04    Added announcement on home page about the press conference at SMU scheduled for 8/12/2004.
6/14/04    Updated Darlie's mailing address and moved the link for the Exonerated from the home page to the Related Links page.
3/23/04    Added new article dated 3/23/04 to the "Media Articles" Page.
3/1/04    Added several new articles to the "Media Articles" Page. Also added a link to the "Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty" on the "Related Links" Page.
2/29/04    Added the latest newsletter from "Death Penalty News" on the Media Articles page. Also updated the link on the home page for "The Exonerated" to include the latest schedule for show times and included reviews and comments.
2/21/04    Added Motion dated 1/23/04 "Renewed DNA Motion and Request for Evidentiary Hearing" to the Legal page. Also added a link to it on the Home page "New Evidence, 3 prints".
1/23/04    Added Petition for Gov Perry on the home, Comments, Help Needed, and Contacts pages. Also added an announcement about the play "The Exonerated", starring Lyle Lovett & Kathleen Turner, February 17 - 22, 2004, Casa Maņana Theatre, 3101 West Lancaster, Fort Worth, 76107
12/15/03    Added Petition for Writ of Certiorari to the "Legal" Page under the heading "Direct Appeal".
11/5/03    Added Star Telegram Article dated 11/5/2003 to the "Media Articles" page.
11/2/03    Changed text on front page and added articles by Anne Good.
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10/24/03    Added Darlie's Dallas mailing address to the "Contacts" page.
Added a sign up form for the public mailing list found on the "Contacts" page.
10/22/03    Added list of people to write to on the "Comments" and "Contacts" pages.
10/21/03    Added link on "Her Proof" page to the place in the transcript regarding seriousness of neckwound
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