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Defendants Exhibits States Exhibits
1Darlie just after surgery
2Close up of her left shoulder after surgery
3In hostpital bed after surgery
4Neck wound after surgery with bandage
5Stab wound to right forarm, Bruising underneath
82Stab wound to right forarm
84Injuries to left hand and bruising of wrist
85Stab wound to right forarm, bruising, swelling
86Bruising of inside of arm near elbow
87Cuts to fingers on left hand
88Bruises to the back of both wrists
89Bruises to arms and wrists
90Shoulder wound after one bandage is removed
91Neck wound with bandage
92Closeup of Neck wound with bandage
95Injury to forarm with swelling
52ASevere Bruising of right forarm
52BMore bruising of forarm and neck wound
52COther cuts on right forarm
52DBruising of inside of arm near elbow
52ESevere Bruise of underside of right forarm
52FWound and bruise to right forarm
52GIn hospital bed after surgery
52HAnother view in hospital bed
52IStab wound to right forarm
52MBruise to left wrist and upper arm
52NBruise to left wrist
85JBloody fingerprint left by the intruder.